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Automation Explained (#1) | The 4 key indicators of a healthy PROFINET Network


Port Load, In/Out Errors, Dropped Packets & Jitter – 4 key indicators you should know about to provide extra value to your company and to yourself. In this Automation Explained episode we will tell you all about these indicators and within 30 minutes tops, you will know their meaning, why they are important and how to measure and monitor them.


Tackling the increasing demands of a wide range of industries, PROFINET has developed to be the biggest Industrial Ethernet protocol since 2021. Besides the flexibility and fast data exchange, PROFINET also stands out for its robustness. It is designed to keep on operating, regardless of minor communication faults occurring.

This is a great advantage for the productivity of your operations. However, these minor faults can also accumulate over time and lead to costly downtime. The main reasons we see these faults taking place in the field are due to a lack of knowledge, overlooking their importance and not having access to the key indicators on time. So let us guide you and help you identify these indicators in advance.

Psst…! We will also give you a sneak peak of our upcoming solution that will help you determine faults in Industrial Ethernet within minutes.

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