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Automation Explained (#1) | The 4 key indicators of a healthy PROFIBUS Network


It only takes 30 minutes to learn how to prevent future PROFIBUS failures. Don’t believe us? In this Automation Explained episode we will introduce you to 4 key indicators that you will encounter on PROFIBUS networks. Whether they are syncs, repeats, illegals or lost messages; become an expert on the factory floor, identify these indicators and know their role within the “PROCENTEC Troubleshooting Process®”.


PROFIBUS has become one of the most preferred and reliable industrial communication protocols. It stands out in robustness as it is designed to keep on operating, regardless of minor communication faults occurring.

This is a great advantage for the productivity of your operations. However, these minor faults can also accumulate over time and lead to costly downtime. The main reasons we see these faults taking place in the field are due to a lack of knowledge, overlooking their importance and not having access to the key indicators on time. So let us guide you and help you identify these indicators in advance.

SPOILER ALERT: we also use machine learning to help you save valuable time.

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