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The risk of uncertified PROFIBUS devices; Have you already had your devices certified?


Certification plays an important role in quality control and provides peace of mind for end users. It ensures conformity with standards and underpins operational performance and interoperability. It also ensures freedom of choice of supply. Uncertified devices can cause malfunctions in your PROFIBUS networks, with the huge risk of downtime and a time-consuming search for the source of the issue.


Did you know that Procentec is 1 of the 9 accredited test labs worldwide?

During this webinar, we will first highlight the importance of device certification. In addition, our Testlab Coordinator will guide you through this process and show you the automated and manual steps devices must go through for certification. This includes:

- Incoming Inspection
- GSD-file Test
- Electrical Test
- Protocol Test
- Multi Vendor Test

And last but not least, we will inform you about Procentec’s new pre-testing service. This allows you to fast track the certification of your latest devices, preparing you to pass the key tests on the first try.

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Jonathan Machin

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