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SNAP Hero Kit: Diagnose a PROFIBUS fault in less than two minutes


When it comes to fault-finding, analysing a network can take a technician several days with no diagnostic solution, multiple hours with a mobile diagnostic tool, and up to 45 minutes with a permanent monitoring system. With the SNAP Hero Kit, you will be able to slash that time to 2 minutes or less; a true time saver that directly guides engineers to the best repair path!


When facing unexpected downtime, a technician’s experience is essential in accessing the right information, performing a network analysis, and determining the best repair path.  In this 30-minute webinar, our experts will reveal the intuitive solutions found within the SNAP Hero Kit. These tools will give you the confidence and ease of mind to properly maintain, manage and troubleshoot your PROFIBUS network.

We will begin by explaining the key challenges of the troubleshooting process and introduce Procentec’s SNAP Analysis: A tool that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to interpret PROFIBUS diagnostic data and finally suggesting the most likely cause of any fault. This is based on Procentec’s many years of experience and is implemented in our Industry4.Human principle.

During the second part, we will unveil the SNAP Hero Kit, which is a fit & forget solution for maintaining your PROFIBUS networks. You will learn more about its features, the setup, the potential savings and experience a live demo.

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