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Automation Explained (#2.2) | Costly mistakes to avoid during the Installation & Commissioning phase of your Industrial Network


Finally! Your site has been correctly designed and configured…. but is it ready for a smooth operation?  In this episode of ‘Automation Explained’, we will present the common pitfalls when installing and commissioning your industrial network to make sure you know what to expect. All this in just 30 minutes!


We will teach you how to manage the physical layer of your network and prevent costly mistakes in these crucial phases. Whether you work with Fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet protocols, this second part of our series will bring even more added value to your project.

By the way, if you are spending a lot of time commission your network, then you will be very pleased to hear that Procentec has developed a unique tool which automates this process for your Industrial Ethernet networks.

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Jonathan Machin

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