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Achieving Maximum reliability on your PROFIBUS network with the help of ComBricks


In this webinar we will introduce ComBricks, our 24/7 monitoring tool, and show you how you can use it to segment your network to make it more robust, allowing you to take control of your network. We will go through the features and functionality of ComBricks that allow you to monitor your network and enabling predictive maintenance .


We will also go over our ComBricks modules for proper network design and installation and show you how to troubleshoot and perform network management, to achieve maximum reliability on DP, PA, FO. And last but certainly not least, we will go through a daisy chained unmonitored network and show you how to make it as robust as possible by adding different ComBricks modules and utilising their functions. Our support engineers are at your service with useful tips and will answer your questions live.

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Jonathan Machin ENG

Jonathan Machin

Director of Sales
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