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5 cybersecurity vulnerabilities to your Industrial Ethernet networks: How to find, fix and prevent costly threats!


The importance of IT-security has been acknowledged by experts for years whereas securing Industrial Control Systems seems to have been overlooked. Whilst attacks on Operational Technology (OT) environments are becoming more frequent, companies are looking for ways to eliminate network vulnerabilities and bridge the gap between OT and IT.


Although the focus is often on external attacks, internal threats can be just as damaging and more likely to occur. Whether it’s a mistake due to inexperience with a task or protocol, or with the intention to inflict damage, these threats can lead to costly downtime. Therefore, early detection is essential to secure your networks.

Our experienced Engineers will begin by covering the actors to take into account when securing industrial networks.

During the second part, we will provide 5 tips that will allow you to find and fix both external and internal threats. These tips will be based on Procentec’s newest releases focusing on the protection of industrial networks.

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