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Troubleshooting networks for the automotive industry; how to prevent costly downtime!


$22,000 per minute! This is the average cost of unplanned downtime in the automotive industry, making it one of the highest in the automation market. The automotive industry is characterised by its innovation and complexity, with most factories working at high speeds and with multiple protocols. 


Preventing unplanned stoppages and simplifying troubleshooting is a top priority in this challenging environment. Our experienced Engineers will further explain the importance and provide practical tips during this 1-hour webinar.

We will begin by covering the economic costs and risks of downtime in the automotive industry. During the second part, our experienced Support Engineer will highlight a real-life case study, detailing how he solved a network failure. This will be based on Procentec’s Top 10 Tips for troubleshooting and maintenance.

At the end, you will have the opportunity to consult with our experienced Engineer during a live Q&A and receive our latest eBook on how network engineers can avoid blunders that lead to unplanned downtime.


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