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Automation Explained (#4) | Identifying parameter & configuration errors on EtherNet/IP networks


In the fourth episode of “Automation Explained”, we will look at Parameter & Configuration errors in industrial networks. These types of errors are typically faced during specific phases of your project and encountering them means that your network will not run. Additionally, in some cases, it also means your network is vulnerable to attacks.



During these interactive sessions, we will introduce parameter & configuration errors on EtherNet/IP. We will discuss when and how they happen, which tools are available to help identify them and share the most common types we encounter on the field.

Whilst fixing these errors rely on specialists with access to PLC and network configuration settings, any technician with the right tool and understanding can help identify and spot these errors speeding up the repair process.

Procentec aims to help technicians and engineers fully use these tools' potential and enable them to achieve higher productivity at their facilities.

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Jonathan Machin ENG

Jonathan Machin

Sales Director, Anybus Diagnostics
T: +31(0) 682671130