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EtherNet/IP Ring Topologies: The principles & benefits


One great advantage of EtherNet/IP is that it offers a variety of network topologies. Did you know that ring topologies are becoming more common in the industry as they establish redundancy and increase the reliability of your network? However, there are important factors to consider to ensure a proper ring topology.


We will begin by covering the basics. This will include the components needed to create a ring topology. These principles will give you an insight on how data travels through your network.

During the second part, we will explain the set up, configuration and diagnostics of your network. This will give you an understanding how active and passive monitoring play an important role in troubleshooting issues on your ring.

Lastly, our Support Engineer will share his experience in the field by showing and discussing networks diagrams, explaining how he has put all the given information into practice.

This webinar is highly recommended for everybody working with ring topologies and/or responsible for EtherNet/IP network design.

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