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PROFIBUS Network Design - Bytesize Training


Our well-known Troubleshooting & Maintenance trainings starts with an existing network with faults. However, it is always better to have a good network to start with. But what are the key factors to design a reliable and robust PROFIBUS network? 

Our Bytesize training offers you a three-hour high speed and in-depth training course on designing a reliable PROFIBUS network for years to come. Supporting those companies and employees working hard to prevent downtime and to guarantee you are in control of your network.


Target audience

This training is intended for everybody who is working with or responsible for PROFIBUS installations. For example:



  • Network layout and planning
  • Cable and Connection technology
  • Topology and rules
  • Network components
  • EMC, Earthing and Shielding


16 - 16 March 2021
Location:Online Language:English Duration:3 hours

High quality custom training

"High quality products and services. People at PROCENTEC are very involved with the company and their products. They think with you in all kinds of situations. We are very happy with the custom training PROCENTEC provides for us!"

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Trainer: Fedor Meyer NLD, ENG

Trainer: Fedor Meyer

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Other Information

Other information

It is recommended to have functioning speakers/headphones and a microphone available.