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Industrial Ethernet Introduction Course


The Industrial Ethernet Introduction course is essential for anyone starting to work with standard or Industrial Ethernet, as Ethernet installations are not simply connecting Ethernet cables.

Terminology and best practices are important to know when working with Ethernet installations. This training course provides the required basics for technicians to properly install, maintain or troubleshoot an Ethernet installation. The Industrial Ethernet Introduction Course will provide a basic understanding of the differences between Ethernet based bus systems and the pros and cons between protocols and technologies. 


Why should you choose this training course?

Do you really know what Ethernet is?

Ethernet is the fastest growing technology in the world of industrial automation. Lots of terms and abbreviations are used in the Ethernet world. We have all heard about TCP/IP, managed switches or MAC but what do they actually mean?

As a participant you will learn the terminology and abbreviations, so you know what you are installing, setting up or even selling. All of this will be explained during this 1 day training.


Target audience

This training course is intended for everyone who has picked up some terminology but is unsure about the exact meanings.



  • History of Ethernet
  • Physical communication such as signal type, half/full duplex communication, cable types
  • Ethernet Protocol such as message structure, MAC address, VLAN, Ethertype.

Network Components

  • Hubs, Switches, Routers, Gateways
  • Topology
  • Wireless communication


  • TCP/IP introduction
  • Internet Protocol (IP)

Network Tools

  • Web Based Management (WBN), port statistics, SNMP
  • Mirror tap
  • Wireshark
  • Cable tester


  • Assembling and testing Ethernet cables
  • Introduction of Wireshark
  • Configuring a Switch
  • IP setup

Ready knowledge to solve independent faults

Because we have a duty to deliver, we can not afford to depend on third parties relating to maintenance and troubleshooting. Thanks to the training "PROFIBUS Troubleshooting & Maintenance" we now have ready knowledge and we can independently prevent and rectify errors.

Jeroen Wesselink - Dunea

Other Information


There are no prerequisites for joining the training. We do, however, recommend that the attendee has knowledge of the following:

  • Working proficiency with at least Windows 7