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Return products

RMA procedure for PROCENTEC products

RMA Procedure

The RMA number (Return of Merchandise Authorization) gives you permission to send back the goods which are supplied incorrectly or need inspection. We have to link the incoming product with the end-user. This is done with the RMA number. To avoid the situation where you send us a non-defective device, we advise you to search through our FAQ pages to see if the answer to your problem is listed there. If these pages do not offer any solution, contact us to see if we can solve the problem. If this fails, you can fill in the RMA form. The procedure is as follows: you fill in the RMA-form and click ‘send’. Then our RMA department processes your request and sends you an authorization form with RMA number and shipping address.

This form must accompany the product that you send back to us. When your package has been received you will be notified. If you have not heard anything after 2 weeks, please contact your transport company. If your repair isn’t a warranty repair, or it is non repairable you will be notified. After this notification you have 2 weeks to decide if you let your product be repaired or replaced. If this decision is negative we will charge your account with € 75,- investigation costs. When you let your product be replaced or repaired, the investigation costs will not be charged. The distributor is responsible for placing and exchanging the spare part(s).

RMA Conditions

The RMA device will only be accepted as such when the following procedures have been followed and conditions have been met. If not, returned goods will not be accepted!

  1. Merchandise must be offered at risk and costs of owner, unless agreed otherwise;
  2. Replacing the merchandise is valid with PROCENTEC spare parts (spare parts may be repaired by PROCENTEC);
  3. Merchandise must be accompanied by a completed RMA form;
  4. The serial number mentioned in the RMA-form has to be the same as the serial number on the apparatus which is returned;
  5. The merchandise has to be complete; PCBs and cases should be the same as delivered and not to be separated;
  6. Components belonging to the merchandise to be repaired or replaced product such as cables, connectors and/or batteries don’t have to be send over, unless requested, with the RMA;
  7. The RMA number must clearly be stated on the RMA form and outer box;
  8. Merchandise must be shipped in appropriate packaging. When shipped without appropriate packaging, the warranty is void;
  9. If you agree with these conditions, proceed to the RMA form.