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PROCENTEC products FAQ's


Signal quality

The ProfiTrace 2 manual contains all kinds of example measurements (wire breaks, short circuits, stub lines, etc) that can be compared with the real situation. Please download it from our website.

Livelist Red, Bleu blinking address

The blinking devices, are devices that have master and slave functionality at the same time Red means master, Green a slave in Data Exchange. Nothing is wrong. But a lot of people make mistakes with the busparameters, because they have to be identical on all masters.

DP-V2 messages

ProfiTrace decodes DXB, SRD_MCAST and Isochrone spare DP-V2 related functions.


ProfiTrace will capture and display every PROFIBUS message. So, you can inspect the SAPs and the data. Also the Live List and large parts of the statistics are useable.

Topology failed

When there is to much reflection on the bus, the topology is not able to detect the correct reflection. 


The topology can not measure through repeaters. This could also be a reason the scan fails. 

To fix this problem, one side (other side of your measuremt) of the repeater must be disconnected. 


TIP! The best moment to use the topology scan is during installation phase.

Remove device Topologyscan

In the Network Manager you can create segments by adding repeaters to the network and dividing the devices over the segments. Select one of your segments (set current measuring point) and generate the topology. You will see that only the devices on the specific segment are visible.

Topologyscan for PA

It's not possible to create a topology of a PA network with the topologyscan

MBP End del.

It means that the PA Probe did not detect a correct MBP end delimiter. The MBP start and end delimiter are signatures used to identify the begin and end of a message on the MBP PA physical level and are additional to the start delimiter of the standard PROFIBUS message.

Topology not correct

There are cases where the Topology Scan does not work as expected. The topology is calculated with the help of a generated distortion on the segment and is therefore sensitive to the signal quality of the segment itself.

To make the Topology Scan more successful, please TURN ON THE TERMINATION SWITCH OF THE TAP CONNECTOR before starting the Topology Scan. This will add an extra termination to the 2 existing termination resistors at both ends of the segment. Do not forget to turn off the termination switch when finished.

Note: Because an extra termination is added to the network, this must be done in a stable and reflection free segment! This reduces possible communication disturbances.

If the scaling of the report is not correct, the scaling of your screen must be set to 100% If a report can't be generated please follow following steps: Step 1 - Check if you have the newest. Step 2 - Start ProfiTrace as administrator by right click on the ProfiTrace.exe
Error Type 1,3, 5

Error type 1,3 and 5 has to do with to less power to the ProfiCore. 

To fix this problem the mini USB must be ADDED to the ProfiCore

No ProfiCore Ultra device connected

ProfiCore is fisically not connectedor the driver is not installed correctly because the ProfiCore is connected before the driver is installed. Is you install the ProfiCore first, Windows will select a standard driver.


To reinstall the driver:

- Disconnect the ProfiCore

- Delete the driver in the hardware manager of windows.

- Start ProfiTrace installation.

- Connected the ProfiCore again.

External trigger

ProfiCore Ultra still allows you to connect an external oscilloscope. But, we prefer you to use the ScopeWare which makes electrical measurements much easier.


'AB Diff voltage' is the average amplitude of the signal

'AB Diff stable voltage' is the minimum measured amplitude.


When the amplitude change to 0Vdc, it could be there are devices with a specific chip which can not synchronize at higher speed.

Baudrate detection

Sometimes the combination PC, ProfiCore and PROFIBUS can make it difficult for the software to detect the baudrate. This has to do with a certain timeout.


This timeout can be set in: Settings->Preferences->General.

Here you find the timeout for the baudrate detection. Set it to a higher value and in most cases this will solve the problem.

GSD file version

ProfiTrace and ProfiCaptain support GSD file version 3. Any unknown entries in the GSD file are ignored (higher GSD file versions).

Termination tapconnector

The termination of the tapconnector must be switched off in normal use. 

You can switch the termination on to create more reflection for the cable length measuement of topology. 


When the termination is switched on you will have 3 terminators in the segment and that could cause data communication problems.

Windows compatibility

ProfiTrace 2 supports Windows 7, Vista, Windows 10

In the release note the tested version are mentioned. 


To install the ProfiCore driver on Windows 8 we have an application note available describing all the steps.

Click here to download the application note

After this on some PCs it is also required to run ProfiTrace in the Windows XP compatibility mode (SP 2).

Init ProfiCore

By the use of: Action -> Init Proficore

Communication between the laptop/PC and the ProfiCore will start. 


If this action is not available you might have start the wrong ProfiTrace version.

The ProfiTrace package consists out of 2 applications, ‘ProfiTrace Vx.y’ and ‘ProfiTrace for COMbricks’. You require ProfiTrace Vx.y when you have a ProfiCore Ultra (Toolkit).


In some cases after installing ProfiTrace only ProfiTrace for COMbricks is visible in the Start Menu of Windows. You can find ProfiTrace Vx.y for your ProfiCore Ultra in the submenu of ProfiTrace in [All Programs].

USB port

ProfiTrace 2 supports high speed USB 2.0.

Running installation

ProfiCore Ultra is designed and produced around the latest RS 485 technology (1/5 of a standard bus load). This means the load of ProfiCore Ultra can be ignored on a full bus segment. Spur cables are also no problem, because the USB cable is the path to the PC (5 meters). ProfiCore Ultra can be connected very close to the network and the PC can be on a distance from the tap point.


On a correct connected network the ProfiCore can be connect to the bus. The moment the PROFIBUS installation is already very bad we don't know the result.


If you want to use the ProfiCore Ultra on a PA bus, attach the PA probe to the ProfiCore Ultra. The PA probe transforms the extracted signals from the PA bus to information which is fed into the ProfiCore Ultra.

Riskmargin in report

The riskmargin (signal amplitude) is not a part of the report. 


The moment the riskmargin is too low, devices are not able to answer so there will be repeats.

License file location

License files are installed in a common application directory (this used to be the \app directory).

- On Windows 7 it is usually located at: "C:\ProgramData\procentec\proficoreultra" 
- On Windows XP it is usually located at: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\procentec\proficoreultra"

Note: the common directory is usually a hidden directory.

license file download

The license can be obtained in 2 ways:

  1. Connect the PC with ProfiTrace installed to the internet. Click on Init ProfiTrace and follow further instructions.
  2. Download the license from our website. Go to and follow further instructions.

The license file has the extension .PLD and can be installed on all PCs.

ERROR Unable to open wdreg_gui.exe
In case of the error "ERROR Unable to open wdreg_gui.exe" Windows is not able to write to the directory. To solve this problem, the ProfiTrace setup must be start as administrator. Step 1: Go to the unzipped ProfiTrace setup file. Step 2: Right click and select "Run as administrator" Step 3: Run the setup as usual If this is still not working, contact our support department:


Relay change Diagnositc slave

The relay can change while using the diagnostic slave function without any fisical problem.

The reason is a very long FDL cycle.


To avoid this relay change the GAP factor in the busparameters must be set to "1"


Set slave address

ProfiCaptain supports the SetSlaveAddress function to set the network address of DP and PA slaves.


You can find this function in the "Class 2 commands"

Can I copy the GSD bitmaps into a common directory that ProfiCaptain can scan?

YES, the bitmaps associated with the GSD files must be copied manually to the \gsd directory. Do not forget to generate the catalog again.

How can I remove a GSD file from the catalog?

To remove a GSD file from the catalog you need to manually delete the file from the GSD directory and generate the catalog again: Settings->Generate Catalog.


Standard Kits

The Kits are just an easy step into the COMbricks world, because they contain all required components. You can also order all items separately; Head Station, repeater modules, I/O modules, etc. Kits are also cheaper than separate items.

OPC server

To run the OPC server with ProfiTrace for ComBricks, ProfiTrace must be start up as administrator:

Run ProfiTrace by right-clicking the ProfiTrace2.exe and then select 'Run as Administrator'.

Default IP address

The default IP address is;

This can be customized through the web server of the Head Station or the ComBricks Discovery Tool.

Backplane Network

These are the 4 internal networks on the backplane that repeater modules utilize to transfer PROFIBUS messages transparently to other inserted repeater modules who are locked to the same network number. Each network can have its own masters, slaves and baudrate. They are completely isolated.

Watch this video for more information:

Maximum modules

ComBricks can handle 32 modules,

The first 10 slots are high speed modules (repeater and fiber optic modules). 

Ready LED is blinking
The Headstation is trying to update info to the card or is trying to make a connection.  Please remove the cards from the backplane so it all must be initialised again. If this is not working, follow the RMA procedure.


Live list stop

The ProfiTrace 2 structure is made that everything keeps on running.

You can select multiple options and processes that run separately.

ProfiTrace 2 vs PBT3

ProfiTrace 2 is much better; it combines all the other clunky and expensive tools to just 1 simple USB interface. You only have to do 1 investment to get everything and it can do a lot more. Also you have integrated master functionality that the others cannot provide.



ProfiScript works with the ProfiCore 1 under Windows XP.

It's not possible to update the driver for new Windows versions


Corrupted messages

Somethings the messages appear to be corrupt because the ProfiTap strips the last four bytes from the packet.

This is a feature of the ProfiTap, and can be disabled by running the setup tool. available here:


In this package there is a Setup program, version 5.0.4. After you run it, go to the tab 'CRC errors' and disable both checkboxes. Also disable the checkbox in the tab 'Timestamps'. Then click 'Apply'.


Now the ProfiTap does not strip the last four bytes, and Wireshark can read the packets as normal!


A report can be print to PDF. You can use a standard PDF printer. Chrome has a build-in PDF printer. - Generate report - Go to print - Select “save as PDF” as printer
? Question mark in topology

The reason of a ? Question mark in the topology is a device/switch which do not support the same SNMP information as the Osiris software. 

Please send us the DUMP file so we can add the SNMP data of the device.


No license active
Website can’t be reached with Chrome


The moment you recover windows, Osiris will not be recovered. In case you did recover, follow the RMA procedure.
Keyboard doesn’t open
If the keyboard doesn't pop up you can click on the windows button (bottom - middle of the Mercury)
Osiris not starting up

Reason 01: Time-out problem can occur after a Windows update. The reason can be the firewall. 

To solve this problem, you can try following steps:

Step 1: Go to the "windows security settings Step 2: Go to the "Firewall & network protection" Step 3: Select "Advanced settings" Step 4: Right click on "Inbound Rules" and select "New Rule" Step 5: Select "Port" Step 6: Select "TCP" and "Specific local ports": 22350 Step 7: Select "Allow the connection" Step 8: Select "Domain, Private and Public" Step 9: Give the name "Osiris" If this is still not working, start the RMA procedure.


Reason 02: IP change of the Virtual box

The IP address of the virtual box must be:

Report printing

If it is not possible to print the report with your Mercury:

Solution 01

Step 01- Go to the printer settings

Step 02- Right click on 'Microsoft print to PDF'

Step 03- Set this printer as 'default printer'.


Solution 02

Step 01- Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\ProfiTrace_V2_9_7\App

Step 02- Right click the PDFPrinter.exe.

Step 03- 'Properties', choose the tab 'Compatibility'

Step 04- Select 'Run this program in Compatibility mode for Windows 8.

VPSwitch Go

Password reset
The moment you change the password you must remember this password If not, the password must be resetted by a new firmware. Follow the RMA procedure