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PROFIBUS product certification in 5 steps

Follow the 5 steps below to get your PROFIBUS products certified.

Step 1 - Test Request

Fill in the "Test Request Form" to specify:

  1. Product description
  2. Implemented protocol (DP-V0, DP-V1, PA, profiles, etc.)
  3. PROFIBUS ASIC (LSPM2, SPC3, VPC3+C, SPC4, etc.)

We will answer your request as soon as possible by sending a test contract by e-mail, in which you can find our conditions and prices. We will also inform you about our next possible test date.

Step 2 - Register the device

Register the device at PROFIBUS International to obtain an "Ident Number".

Step 3 - Preparations

When all conditions meet your schedule, you send us a filled in test contract by email. When we have received the test contract, we will book the desired test date. A week before the test date the necessary items required for the test must be received by us:

The product in the form as it will be sold

1. Description and explanations required to understand the product (manual would be best)
2. Schematic of the bus interface unit (From the PROFIBUS-ASIC to the connector)
3. Copy of the assigned Ident Number from the PNO
4. The device specific GSD file

Step 4 - Testing the device

We will test your device and give feedback about the test results.

Step 5 - Apply for a certificate

When the test is finished and every aspect has been approved, we post you a test report, which has to be forwarded to PROFIBUS International. Based upon the test report, PROFIBUS International issues a certificate for the tested device.