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Data integrity protection: ensuring safety and uptime

As our world is rapidly digitising, protecting production infrastructure against cyber threats is of utmost importance to ensure uptime. At Procentec, we are on the forefront of our industry, tackling this challenge with state of the art innovations. The first phase of this ambitious goal is the Verification Terminal. Thanks to the protection of your firmwares' authenticity with blockchain powered certification, each file can be verified in 5 seconds using the Verification Terminal. 

Following this release, Procentec will roll out Lockbox; a platform to ensure the safety of any, all and to be installed firmware on the factory floor. This will revolutionize the way facilities reach 100% data integrity.

Verification Terminal

To ensure the safety of installed firmware, its authenticity is protected with blockchain certification technology, developed by Procentec. Before you install any new software, you can verify the authenticity of the file(s) in just 5 seconds using the Verification Terminal below.

Step 1: Select a file you want to verify
Step 2: Check the verification result to confirm the authenticity of your file

If you would like to know more about Procentec's blockchain powered data integrity protection, the upcoming Lockbox platform, or other ways in which we ensure maximum safety and uptime for facilities, please reach out to us via or call +31(0)174-671 800.