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SNAP IE Business

SNAP IE Business

SNAP stands for Synthetic Neurologic Analytic Processor. It is a self-learning tool that uses active and passive level measurements to identify PROFINET and Ethernet/IP faults and interpret the data. This is a true time-saver. Your technicians no longer have to waste valuable time looking for errors or figuring out how to fix them. They just let SNAP’s advanced algorithms do the work for them.

  • 6-25 Atlas units
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Just like its predecessor, SNAP IE is available in Osiris on an Atlas2 Plus unit. However, it’s designed specifically for users of Industrial Ethernet communication systems so they can predict, find and investigate typical communication errors in just minutes.

SNAP IE uses artificial intelligence. Therefore, it can mine, process and analyse vast amounts of data in the blink of an eye. It also gets better at interpretation over time as more data is fed into its advanced algorithms. This means that its analytical and predictive powers will keep pace with advances in protocol technology.

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Jonathan Machin ENG

Jonathan Machin

Sales Director, Anybus Diagnostics
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