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Empowering technicians when expert protocol knowledge is scarce

SNAP IE is a permanently installed monitoring solution for PROFINET and Ethernet/IP networks. Thanks to its self-learning features and ability to interpret active and passive measurements, you can now diagnose physical layer errors in two minutes or less. What's more, you don't need to be a protocol expert to achieve such incredible results.

This incredibly powerful tool is an extension to SNAP. It uses AI to absorb the first-hand experiences of Procentec engineers. As a result, it can produce instant written diagnoses of errors when they occur or when they are about to occur.

Whether you’re on site or at a remote location, you can access this specialist knowledge around the clock.Troubleshooting your network’s issues has never been so simple.

permanently installed monitoring solution you can fit and forget

Now you don’t have to waste valuable time looking for network faults or figuring out how to fix them. Instead you can:

  • introduce operational efficiencies by cutting substantially the time it takes to analyse common physical layer errors
  • maintain your network’s up times by going directly to a fault and repairing it with speed and confidence
  • bridge your team’s engineering knowledge gap by giving them access to the troubleshooting experiences of Procentec’s expert engineers

Automatically refreshes every 5 minutes or can be manually triggered.

  • 4 categories of error: Configuration, Device, Link and Network
  • At-a-glance view of device, error category and probable cause of error
  • Results triggered manually or refreshed automatically every 5 minutes
  • Coordinates with Delphi to give you the best path of repair in plain English

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SNAP IE Business

SNAP IE Business

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SNAP IE Premium

SNAP IE Premium

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    The PROFIBUS Troubleshooting and Maintenance training course is fully concentrated on those who install and maintain PROFIBUS installations.

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    The Certified PROFIBUS Installer course is essential for electrical engineers and technicians requiring the necessary installation and testing skills for their PROFIBUS DP/PA projects.

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