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SeeVerify - Premium

SeeVerify - Premium

SeeVerify lets you create your own step-by-step instructions for network technicians, who can access them via a mobile device. The cloud-based platform also allows technicians to input readings, data and images, which can be shared across the organization. Premium License allows access for up to 50 users.

  • Online platform to create, edit and publish customized instructions company-wide
  • OCR software built in so that scanned text can be captured, added and edited
  • Templates and decision tree algorithm to help create step-by-step instructions
  • Auto steps and auto inputs such as date, time, images and measurements
  • Dashboard that compares projected and actual time to complete a task
  • Multiple combinations of guides, templates and projects permitted
  • Accessible via a mobile device app (android only)
  • User licence required, but not dependent on any other Procentec product
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