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ProfiTrace Plugins

ProfiTrace Plugins

In ProfiTrace, plugins are software modules that add specific features or services to the existing software. It simply plugs into the existing system. Plugins make ProfiTrace a powerful PROFIBUS tool, because they allow external parties to enhance the ProfiTrace software.

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Available plugins

Name End user assistant
Description Gives more support, tips, tricks and solutions when messages are inspected.
Version 1.1
Price FREE
More information info@procentec.com


Name Profi-S-Bus
Description Decodes Saia Burgess S-Bus messages.
Version 1.0.0
Company Saia Burgess
Price FREE
More information max.felser@bfh.ch


Name ProfiHub B5+RD decoder
Description Decodes ProfiHub B2+RD and B5+RD messages.
Version 1.0
Price FREE
More information info@procentec.com


Name ProfiLogger
Description Records input and output data. It enables long time recording of process values in step 0,1s to 60s. It displays the data graphically and saves it to CSV and BMP files. With TCP/IP remote access is possible.
Version 1.2
Company CSMT Italy
Price € 490, -
More information profilab@csmt.it


Name ProfiGraph
Description Graphically displays data. The information that is displayed can be process values, min-max vaues, cycle times, etc. Graphics can be saved to CSV and BMP files. With TCP/IP remote access is possible.
Version 2.12
Company CSMT Italy
Price € 390,-
More information profilab@csmt.it

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