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Live List

"Colors make it easy….."

The Live List is a matrix that continuously lists all the available devices. It is directly visible which devices are ‘troublemakers’. With different background colours the status of the devices is displayed;

Statistics matrix and network condition indicator

"Click and go….."

The statistics matrix and network condition indicator are the most powerful features of ProfiTrace. These fields can really tell what the condition of the installation is without doing difficult operations.

Message recording

"The absolute truth....."

When the user records messages, he has a perfect visual representation on the screen;

ScopeWare (DP)

"The easiest oscilloscope ever....."

With the built in oscilloscope we can detect; noise, reflections, termination problems.....

ScopeWare (PA)

All features of ScopeWare DP

Bar graph

"The bar graph is a helpful utility to get an impression of the overall signal quality of the network."