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Osiris: App: Commissioning: PROFINET License

Osiris: App: Commissioning: PROFINET License

An Add-On for the Osiris software, aimed towards PROFINET Network Commissioning to PI International Standards.

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Verifying networks to international standards

With the PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard, PROCENTEC offers automated commissioning of PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet and Ethernet/IP networks. The PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard is integrated in our Osiris software and is available on the PROCENTEC Mercury and PROCENTEC Atlas. Preparing PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet and Ethernet/IP certification reports was never this easy.

Smart commissioning

At PROCENTEC we believe in saving time for our clients. Therefore, we have created our Wizard as smart as possible. When the PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard is launched, it will check the current network condition. After performing the Quickscan, our PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard will guide you through the next seven steps of the commissioning process. Results are shown in clear user-friendly screens that give immediate insight on valuable information such as double IP addresses, network loads and ARP requests. During the commissioning process, PROCENTEC Delphi is there to assist, every step along the way working as your virtual network engineer. Not only possible network errors are shown, PROCENTEC Delphi suggests which actions to take to solve the issues, so the PROFIBUS & PROFINET International certification rules are met.

Automated reports

The PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard is a great help in the process of getting networks certified. Filling out certification reports normally can be difficult and a time-consuming task. The PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard gathers all desired information to generate the commissioning report, which is needed as vital part in the process of network certification.

Available on Mercury and Atlas

When run on PROCENTEC Mercury, the PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard turns our mobile handheld device into a powerful and smart commissioning tool to be used in all environments. It’s ideal to be taken along on commissioning jobs at different locations by commissioning engineers, maintenance personnel and machine builders.

The PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard on our fixed PROCENTEC Atlas is very helpful to keep network engineers and industrial automation managers in control of their industrial networks. When vendors or third parties are working on the network, our Wizard is ideal to keep an up to date oversight.





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