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File Loading

Easy, safe and secure way for sharing snapshots of your industrial network measurements

File Loading is a feature of our Osiris diagnostic platform. It allows you to create an interactive data file of your industrial network’s measurements and to distribute it with colleagues and sub-contractors in separate locations .It saves time because you don’t have to manually produce a report to share your findings; others save time because they can now see your network data without leaving their workstation.

The benefits of File Loading are many, but perhaps the biggest is the opportunity to cut down on your company’s repair and maintenance costs. Instead of calling out support engineers to read and analyze your network’s live measurements (which can be costly, especially if they’re based in another country), you can simply email them a zip file of your data.

File Loading is easy to use. It takes just one click to create and download a file. It’s also extremely secure. A file can be password-protected, and once it’s uploaded by the recipient onto their own device, the data is viewed in Osiris in off-line mode. From there, they can see your network’s topology and selected device details as they were when you created the file.

File Loading is a free feature and compatible with Atlas2 Plus, Atlas, Mercury 7” and 10”, and Osiris SaaS.

Why use File Loading?

  • Provides secure, read-only access to your network’s topology and selected device details.
  • Cuts down on support costs and travel expenses by enabling remote troubleshooting.
  • Enables the automatic generation of a network report based on customized settings.
  • Saves time and effort by eliminating the need to go to the office just to create a report.
  • Gives quick access to historical data due to its ability to archive diagnostic measurements.