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Device Grouping

A visual method of bundling devices to speed up network maintenance

It can be time-consuming locating devices in a topology or device list when you’re conducting diagnostic routines, especially if you have a large or complicated industrial network. An effective way to speed this up is to place your devices into customized groups for easy identification. Device Grouping is designed to do just that.

Once you have created your groups, you can quickly filter them and then zoom in on a specific series of devices, speeding up your diagnostic routines considerably. From there, you can drill down to check their current operational status.

The ability to generate a high-level view of your network will help you prioritize your maintenance tasks. You’ll be able to sort between critical and non-critical devices with a couple of clicks, and you can choose to ignore any non-relevant devices to shorten the list even further.

Device Grouping is a free feature and compatible with Atlas2 Plus, Atlas, Mercury 7” and 10” and Osiris SaaS.

This intuitive and useful Osiris feature allows you to:

  • group similar or important devices for analytical purposes
  • assign each group a name, priority level and unique colour
  • place a single device in one, two or several groups
  • rearrange groups, add or delete devices, and change colours
  • build as many groups as you like in a way that you find logical