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5 powerful PROCENTEC releases

This year all eyes are on PROCENTEC's five biggest releases. Besides several updates to the current portfolio, PROCENTEC will introduce Osiris as a software, Ethernet/IP Commissioning and TAP-License, the Mercury 10” mobile solution, the EtherMIRROR 10/100, and the ProfiHub B4FOR+ and B2FOR+.

#1. The insight to outperform
PROCENTEC's Osiris provides unique insight in your networks health and topology. Until now this powerful software tool was only available on PROCENTEC's Atlas and Mercury diagnostics platforms. At the request of many users PROCENTEC now offers a subscription PC-version of Osiris. Read more about it here!

#2. Mixed network magic
PROCENTEC'S Ethernet/IP Commissioning used to be PROFINET exclusive. The handy network architecture Commissioning Wizard is used to design, change and test networks according to PI-guidelines. With a steep growth in mixed network architectures PROCENTEC takes it a step further creating an opportunity to commission and gain passive diagnostics from Ethernet/IP based devices/networks. Furthermore, PROCENTEC's TAP-license offers the EtherTAP possibility to gain passive information from not only PROFINET devices, but now also from Ethernet/IP applications. Read more about it here!

#3. Combined mobile diagnostics and desktop use
PROCENTEC's 7" Mercury mobile, multi-protocol diagnostics tablet for all environments is used by manufacturers around the globe. At SPS 2019 PROCENTEC will release the big brother of the 7" named the Mercury 10". Just as robust as the 7" tablet, but now with a tablet and laptop mode. A handy 2-in-1 solution for mobile diagnostics and desktop use. Easy network maintenance, troubleshooting and monitoring with Osiris inside. Read more about it here!

#4. Reflect on shutdowns, deploy a mirror
Another novelty is the release of PROCENTEC's EtherMIRROR 10/100. This smart plug and play solution for passive diagnostics on an Industrial Ethernet based network, does not require users to remove and install the EtherTAP from one network to another. Now it is possible to avoid network shutdowns by using the new EtherMIRROR 10/100. Just place EtherMIRRORS into each segment and simply connect the EtherTAP to the network desired. Read more about it here!

#5. Ring-redundancy with multiple ports, B-ready!
PROCENTEC'S new fibre optic hubs, ProfiHub B4FOR+ and B2FOR+, are available in both single mode and multi-mode. The difference is the cable length they can handle. The main channel is uniquely divided into 2 ports. Each with an input and output creating a ring topology within the PROFIBUS network or ring-redundancy. With the diagnostic slave functionality inside, ComBricks can view the status of the fibre optic ring itself, as well as the devices connected to it. This information is available in the ComBricks web-browser. Read more about it here!

Technology to create the future
The focus of PROCENTEC's innovation in industrial automation is to help manufacturers improve quality, efficiency, compliance, flexibility and use, so they can to be at the leading edge of their industry.

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