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BT200 - PROFIBUS DP Cable Tester

BT200 - PROFIBUS DP Cable Tester

The BT200 is a simple tool to verify the PROFIBUS DP cable at the end of the installation phase. Installation errors can be quickly detected without effort. No special knowledge is required.

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Easy to handle tester

The BT200 is easy to handle. Attach the BT200 to the first PROFIBUS connector and a test plug to the last PROFIBUS connector. Press 'Test' and the screen will display a fault or OK message.

Remark: It can only be used when the installation is NOT running (non active masters)!

Technical specifications

Detecting static faults

  • Breaks in the signal wires and cable shield.
  • Short-circuits between the signal wires.
  • Swapped signal wires.
  • Missing termination.

Device functionality

  • RS 485 test.
  • Power supply for line termination test.
  • RTS signal test.


  • Determining the length of the installed cable.
  • Listing of accessible slaves.

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