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SPC4 - DP/PA Protocol ASIC
SPC42/005 (6GK1588-3AA00)

SPC4 - DP/PA Protocol ASIC

The SPC42 protocol ASIC can be used to implement DP as well as PA devices. It manages layer 1 and 2 of PROFIBUS. It has to be operated with a processor and heavy protocol software.

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Technical specifications

PROFIBUS Specifications

  • Supported protocols: DP, DP-V1, PA
  • Integration depth: Partially integrated slave
  • Transmission speeds: 9.6 kbps .. 12 Mbps (RS 485), 31.25 kbps (MBP-IS)
  • Total product implementation: ASIC + processor

Hardware Specifications

  • Package: 44 pin PQFP
  • Temperature range: -40..+85 °C
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3 up to 5 Volt
  • Supported uP families: Siemens, Intel, Motorola
  • External uP interface: Parallel 8 bits
  • Dual port RAM buffer size: 1.64 kByte

Software Specifications

  • Software driver suppliers: TMG-itec
  • Indications: Polling list

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Jonathan Machin

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Extra product information & Downloads

  • Only the RoHS version is available
  • The new version has a slightly different footprint
  • Because of the demand the SPC42 takes of the processor, we do not recommended to implement it in simple DP products.




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