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SIM1-2/060 (6GK1588-3BB02)


The SIM1 is an ASIC, which functions as a Medium Attachment Unit (MAU) for PROFIBUS PA or FF. It converts Manchester coding to MBP-IS signalling and supplies power for the electronics of the complete product. This ASIC can be placed beside a DPC31, SPC42 or other Manchester encoder/decoder.

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Technical specifications

Hardware Specifications

  • Package: 40 pin MLPQ
  • Temperature range: -40 .. +85 °C
  • PA voltage range: 9 .. 32 V
  • PA current setting: Max. 50 mA
  • Voltage output: 2 .. 5 V
  • Oscillator/crystal frequency: 2 MHz
  • Data communication interface: 3 wire (TXS, RXS, TXE), 2 wire (TXSD, RXS)
  • PA current, voltage, etc. is set by hardware.

PROFIBUS Specifications

  • Supported bus systems: PROFIBUS PA and Foundation Fieldbus
  • Transmission speeds: 31.25 kbps (MBP-IS)

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This ASIC can also be used for FF applications.

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