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The DPC31 protocol ASIC mainly consists of a PROFIBUS controller with more RAM than a SPC3 and additionally an integrated 8031 core. The big advantage is saving in hardware costs since a controller is already integrated.

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Technical specifications

Hardware & Software Specifications

  • Package: 100 pin PQFP
  • Temperature range: -40..+85 °C
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3 Volt
  • Supported uP families: Siemens, Intel, Motorola
  • External uP interface: Parallel 8 bits
  • Dual port RAM buffer size: 5.5 kByte
  • Oscillator/crystal frequency: 12 MHz (DP), 4 MHz (Typical for PA)
  • I/O:
  • - SSC interface (SPI)
  • - 27 I/O points (only if the integrated 8031 is used)
  • Other: Integrated 8031 with additional 3rd timer

PROFIBUS Specifications

  • Supported protocols: DP, DP-V1, DP-V2, PA
  • Integration depth: Fully integrated slave
  • Transmission speeds: Max. 12 Mbps (RS 485), 31.25 kbps (MBP)
  • Total product implementation:
  • - ASIC + processor
  • - Single chip (integrated 8031 with software implementation)

Software Specifications

  • Software driver suppliers: Siemens
  • Indications: Exchange buffers

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For PA designs the integrated 8031 is NOT sufficient because of the demanding profile software (code size). In this case a Mitsubishi M16C62/M16C60 processor with the DPC31 is a good combination.

Product available in:

  • Pack with 6
  • Pack with 66
  • Pack with 660

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