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Maintaining data integrity from source to device

LockBox is a blockchain-based platform that provides a centrally-controlled catalogue of approved firmware, manual brochures, release notes and datasheets for individual network devices. Its purpose is to overcome the persistent problem of unverified and randomly-downloaded software to industrial networks.

Not knowing what software has been installed can pose serious risks to your network. Now you can greatly reduce the risk of incoming attacks by verifying and documenting the source of all data before sharing it safely with authorized users. No more individual technicians downloading unapproved patches and passing them on to colleagues.

If you want complete oversight of your data and better protection against hackers and malware, LockBox is the answer.

Adding an extra layer of security to your all-important network

How LockBox enhances security in an OT environment:

  • Stops the distribution of files via email, shared folders or USB sticks, mitigating the risk of malicious software entering the network.
  • Verifies the authenticity of downloaded files and firmware, reassuring field technicians that they’ll be installing a company-approved version.
  • Eliminates the need for each technician to have an account with device manufacturers, coordinating and accelerating the process across the company.
  • Facilitates administrative oversight and localized updates, hitting that sweet spot between a centralized and decentralized system.
  • Allows field technicians to enter their observations on the shared platform, enabling lead engineers to collect feedback from local and remote sites.

Your field technicians can now be confident that any download comes from a trusted source, whether it’s a patch or a completely new software package.

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