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PROFIBUS PA is a variant of PROFIBUS DP that is specially designed for improvement and replacement of conventional systems such as 4-20 mA and HART in process automation. In contrast to PROFIBUS DP, data and power supply are transported over the same two wires and there is an explosion proof option available. Furthermore, PROFIBUS DP and PA are identical in terms of protocol and use. PROFIBUS certification is required for manufacturers according to an instrumentation profile.

Your benefits with PROFIBUS PA:

The solution for process automation

PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus are the only fieldbus systems that are accepted in the process industry. The advantage of PROFIBUS PA is, that it can be seamlessly connected to PROFIBUS DP, meaning you can equip a production environment entirely with PROFIBUS. This optimizes knowledge as well as spare parts, and everything can be equipped with a 1-type control system. PROFIBUS PA already has several million devices in the field. This will only grow in the coming years because a fully accepted Ethernet and wireless solution has yet to be implemented.

Basic principles

PROFIBUS PA is linked via coupler to PROFIBUS DP. The coupler translates the DP telegrams that come from the master to PA telegrams (data and power supply) on the same two wires. The answers of the PA instruments are translated back to PROFIBUS DP. The translations are electrical, because the protocol remains intact.
Due to the low transmission speeds of 31.25 kpbs, it is possible to flexibly create an infrastructure. Branches can be very long compared to PROFIBUS DP where the cabling rules are very narrowly defined. That is the benefit compared to the conventional 4-20 mA in which the cable of an instrument to the control system is set as a completely non-shareable element. With PROFIBUS PA, only one shared cable comes out of the coupler which can be linked to a star network.

PROFIBUS PA and explosion protection

If explosion protection is required, there is a broad range of instrumentation and coupler tools at your disposal to realize your application. The low current consumption of the instrumentation makes the implementation relatively simple for this crucial environment.
PROFIBUS PA instruments need to fulfill a data profile for a specific instrument class. This offers a great advantage regarding interchangeability. The instrument for manufacturer A is, in terms of data, identical to the instrument of manufacturer B. This means that the user is free to exchange instruments without making software adjustments.
PA instruments are certified according to these profiles in the PROCENTEC test lab. Due to the profile demands, software is available with which you can employ all certified instruments and have access to a large number of parameters and diagnostic values. This makes asset management the most simple instrument possible.

Competence Center and test lab

PROCENTEC also serves as a PROFIBUS Competence Center that is equipped with all the necessary expertise to carry out projects professionally. We have a number of specialists in-house whose knowledge make us unique in the world of automation.

PROCENTEC also manages 1 of the 7 test labs for the certification of PROFIBUS products. In our laboratory, manufacturers can test their products for PROFIBUS compatibility. PROFIBUS International in Karlsruhe, Germany provides certificates in the event of a positive test report.

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