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Diagnostic Tools that will revolutionize Industrial Network maintenance

Preventing unplanned stoppages and simplifying troubleshooting is high on the agenda for anyone maintaining an industrial network. Procentec, the global leader in diagnostic and monitoring solutions, has sparked a widespread interest in the industry with the release of multiple new tools. These cost-saving products are designed for anyone working with PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and Industrial Ethernet.

The new releases include: Atlas2, SNAP Analysis, Osiris Enterprise & EtherCAT diagnostics.

Atlas2: Avoid unexpected and expensive downtime

Atlas2 is designed for the permanent monitoring of industrial networks with single or mixed architecture. This second-generation diagnostic tool, which is based on our popular Atlas unit, takes fault detection and diagnosis to a much higher level. Whether you’re using PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and/or PROFIBUS, you’ll discover that Atlas2 gives you a much more connected and predictive approach to machine health monitoring and maintenance.

SNAP Analysis: Instant written diagnosis of a fault's most likely cause

SNAP Analysis is a self-learning tool that interprets PROFIBUS diagnostic data gathered by ComBricks and suggests the most likely cause of any fault—a true time-saver and a great enabler of preventative maintenance. The analysis is written uses simple language and images, removing the need to interpret complicated oscilloscope images and messages yourself.

Osiris Enterprise: An intuitive helicopter view of the entire network

This new external software—and add-on to the Osiris platform—is perfect for large networks. It fuses the data of multiple Atlas units into one convenient overview, listing all your network’s connected devices and letting you drill down to individual unit data. And because you access this overview via your PC, you can assess the health of your entire network remotely. Need to add another Atlas to your network? No problem. Osiris Enterprise lets you add as many as you want.

Troubleshoot and monitor EtherCAT using Osiris

EtherCAT is gaining in popularity rapidly in many industries. No wonder. It’s the fastest of the Industrial Ethernet protocols, it synchronizes with nanosecond accuracy, and there are no limitations to its topology. That’s why Osiris now offers users an EtherCAT Master Diagnostics interface. It gathers all your network’s live data into one place and analyses it, helping you easily assess your network’s cyclic, software and hardware health.

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