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PROFIBUS connectors

The PROFIBUS DB9 connector is used in most IP 20 environments and is the best solution for high transmission speeds. The connector is perfect for establishing a connection between cables and to create the ideal branch. The majority of connectors have coils to suppress noise and reflections. The cable can be linked to the connector via screws or vampire clips. The bus is not interrupted if the connector is removed from the device.

Your advantage with PROFIBUS connectors:

Tailor-made connectors for PROFIBUS

A number of connectors solve a great deal of the challenges faced by users by offering the means to make PROFIBUS very simple to use. For example, an inserted terminator can be switched on and off with a switch.

The shielding can offer protection against electrostatic injection and earth currents. The shielding of the cable is linked to the connector with a ground terminal that makes contact with the connector on the device. This directly solves several grounding issues.

Internal coils filter first degree reflections that are caused by branches, connection transitions and deviations of all connected devices. It is no miracle cure, but it does ensure that these problems are not encountered to begin with.

The connection of the cable cores can be done via a screw or vampire clip (Fast Connect). Of course, the choice made by the installer is dependent on their own working method, but also on the environmental conditions of the installation.

Measurement connectors

It is sensible to apply a connector to each segment with an extra female connector. These are referred to as PG or piggy-back. The user can link a PROCENTEC ProfiTrace or another measurement tool to this connector.

Other connector types

Other accepted cable connection methods are the M12 connector and the standard screw connector.

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