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This data communication system was developed in the beginning of the 1970s and daily life is now inconceivable without it. All technological solutions that are either wired or wireless are based on the Ethernet protocol. It has taken over forty years to evolve from coaxial cable to twisted pair and wireless, with the numerous protocol solutions that meet the needs of users and equipment.

What features make Ethernet such an indispensable solution?

Trend within industrial automation

Since 2010, there has been a growing acceptance of Ethernet within industrial automation. There are increasingly extensive connectivity demands in industrial data networks. Furthermore, there is a wish to reduce interfaces on the factory floor due to a shortage of technical personnel and knowledge.

In daily life we benefit constantly from Ethernet technology due to software updates and the ability to control software remotely. This is also desired on the factory floor. There is, however, a large group of users that are blinded by a number of Ethernet myths which hinder the acceptance of the technology. Such myths include: “Ethernet is not real-time, it burdens you with excessive cabling, hackers can halt my system, the plugs break off.” Nonetheless, there are simple solutions to prevent these issues.

Industry solutions

Industrial Ethernet is the basis for meeting the primary needs of the industrial user. The essence lies in making the cable reliable and optimizing the plugs and switches for the environmental conditions of an industrial environment. With this in mind, working groups have set out to define protocols that meet virtually all automation goals. Examples include PROFINET, Modbus/TCP and Ethernet-IP. These protocols have succeeded in reducing the Ethernet cable and making Ethernet with its accompanying software overhead real-time. Gateways and routers ensure that external hackers are barred from breaking into the factory network.

PROFINET Competence Center

PROCENTEC is a PROFINET Competence Center and is therefore informed of all the features of Ethernet. We have a number of specialists that are constantly working with this technology. We are internationally recognized as reliable experts of PROFINET installations and we are regularly contracted for projects all around the world. Do you want to know more? Please contact us. We offer an extensive range of services: