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POSCO Steel Korea uses the ProfiHub B5

POSCO, one of the largest steel producers in the world has placed 200 ProfiHubs B5 in twenty PROFIBUS DP networks.

Highest uptime and lowest operational costs

PROCENTEC B5 is being used by POSCO. As a specialist in the field of PROFIBUS we deliver products that optimise the production processes of end-users. Companies are utilising these innovative products worldwide in order to create reliable and functioning networks. This is also the case with the South Korean steel company POSCO. They have installed the powerful ProfiHub B5 in its PROFIBUS DP systems to guarantee the highest uptime. This results in lower operational costs and the optimisation of the entire production process.


POSCO ProfiHub B5

One of the largest steel producers in the world. The most optimal uptime of the production process is crucial for strengthening the international competitive position. That is the reason why POSCO has placed 200 ProfiHubs B5 in twenty PROFIBUS DP networks. Because of this the entire system has been optimised and consequently downtime can be prevented in the future.


ProfiHub B5 Structure

The ProfiHub B5 is part of the well-known ProfiHub family. It is a powerful network component which offers a reliable solution for branch lines and star structures in PROFIBUS DP networks which operate at a high speed. The ProfiHub B5+ has a main connection and five voltaic separated, transparent channels.


A maximum of 31 devices can be connected to each channel and a distance not exceeding 1200 metres can be bridged. Each channel has breakdown protection which ensures that the rest of the PROFIBUS network continues to function correctly and the availability of the system remains optimal.


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