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Hard work pays off

From December 2017 until April 2018, our Support department worked hard with Ledyears, a company that produces LED displays, to get one of their products certified.

Lane indicator

The product in question is a lane indicator that is used on highways. The whole process of certifying a product revolves around 4 different tests. The first one is the GSD test. During this test, all GSD files had to be in order. The next stage in testing revolves around the electrical test. This test determines whether the product has the correct values in different set-ups. This means that the product is tested on functionality on a signal level. The third test that had to be passed, is the protocol test. With this test, we check if the product complies with the PROFIBUS standards. Ledyears’s product passed this test without any problems, which brought them closer to that PI certification. And last, but certainly not least, the product is tested in a Multi-Vendor test. During this test, the product’s compatibility with slaves of other vendors is tested. Without any trouble, this test was passed with flying colors. 


After working hard for several months on things like the GSD files and protocol texts, the product successfully passed all tests. This means it is now officially a PI-certified product.

If you want to have your product tested and certified, please click here to contact our Support department.