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Beefing Up Security Monitoring for Industrial Networks

22 March 2021

Protecting industrial networks from accidental or intentional sabotage is a high priority these days. Although the focus is usually on external attacks, internal threats can be just as damaging and almost as common. So Procentec’s latest release of products—each designed to enhance total security network monitoring—is welcome news. Registration for the developer’s spring product launch has started on the 18th of March:  

Four major solutions and a wide subset of Osiris features will be introduced to the world next month, all of them focusing on security. If you run a PROFIBUS, PROFINET or Industrial Ethernet system and you want to improve its defences, you’ll want to sign up.


“We aim to become the automated industry’s go-to place for OT network security,” says Pieter Barendrecht, CEO of Procentec. “Our latest products allow users to centrally monitor changes to all their devices. Every day, networks are being worked on by employed and contracted technicians. Testing, maintaining, repairing. All it takes is one simple mistake to bring about network failure.”

Each of Procentec’s releases fulfil different security tasks, yet they all complement each other. Most take advantage of existing hardware and software, so users of Osiris will be extremely familiar with their ‘look and feel’. However, two of the major solutions are independent of any other Procentec product. One is a cloud-based platform and the other is a blockchain-based platform. More details are to be released shortly.

The principle behind each new solution is to give users administrative oversight of their network without losing local input. Lead engineers can control what software is being installed and are alerted to any changes that may or may not require action. But not all changes are the result of blunders. “Sadly,” continues Barendrecht, “we must recognize that some of those with legitimate access to a system will, given the chance, try to damage it on purpose.”

“Security network monitoring tends to focus on external threats. That’s entirely logical, especially in the wake of state-sponsored hacks like SolarWinds and the Microsoft Exchange Server. But we shouldn’t ignore internal security. Internal intrusions, whether intentional or not, can badly affect an organization’s productivity, its revenue and even its employees’ physical safety. That’s why our solutions tackle both types of threats.”

The product launch takes place on 8 April 2021. As with the previous launch, it’s going to be a virtual experience. In addition to demonstrating its latest solutions, Procentec will be offering visitors a chance to hear CTO Matthew Dulcey being interviewed on IT Security vs. OT Security, see the new Procentec Academy, and attend CEO Pieter Barendrecht’s rooftop BBQ, where he will chat about the importance of security in OT.