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PROCENTEC updates firmware FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnostics Module

19 January 2015

The FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnostics Module was already a very open and easy solution to permanently check the condition of the H1 physical layer. A recent firmware update unlocks an extra set of possibilities. A Live List is added to the already easy to use interface. The Live List shows all operating devices in one overview. Evenly important: the type of device is now also shown in the oscilloscope images.

The web server that is used for the Live List also sends out email notifications when a critical situation occurs. Thanks to this service users can be informed on time to prevent down-time. The email notifications and already existing remote access provide an entrance in multiple ways to monitor and control networks. All of these technical advantages can reduce the costs for maintenance.

Optimal use
All telegrams are scanned by the FF module. The status of all devices can now be displayed in one overview. Different background colors are used to show the status of the device. Since the ComBricks FOUNDATION Fieldbus Module is not an active device is does not require an address. The network condition is measured passively, therefore it can be wired parallel or series to/in an existing H1 segment.

More information: www.procentec.com/foundation-fieldbus

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PROCENTEC updates firmware FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnostics Module
PROCENTEC updates firmware FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnostics Module