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PROCENTEC to launch the PROFIBUS hub with a diagnostic function

01 July 2014

PROCENTEC is to launch a brand-new product known as the ProfiHub B5+RD. It is the first ProfiHub that comes with a built-in PROFIBUS DP slave to forward diagnostic data to a PLC. With this unique function the ProfiHub B5+RD is able to optimally monitor PROFIBUS DP installations. As a result, technical engineers can effectively detect PROFIBUS disruptions and find solutions more promptly. This is how maximum uptime for end users and the lowest possible costs for organisations are guaranteed.

The ProfiHub B5+RD is a member of the famous ProfiHub family. It is a solid network component providing a reliable solution for spur lines and star-shaped structures in the PROFIBUS DP networks. The ProfiHub B5+RD is a completely new product. It includes a unique function called the diagnostic function.

Unique diagnostic function
The ProfiHub B5+RD is the first ProfiHub that has been provided with a built-in PROFIBUS DP slave for transferring diagnostic data to a PLC. This innovative network component is the key when it comes to maintaining the PROFIBUS DP systems. Technical engineers can now access detailed diagnostic information about communication failures and current details of retries. Diagnostic information about redundancy of the PROFIBUS channels and supply status can be identified using this unique function. In addition, the ProfiHub B5+RD generates a live list of all PROFIBUS devices connected. When configuring an alarm contact, technical engineers are warned immediately in case of disruptions inside the PROFIBUS DP installations.

Other innovative features
The ProfiHub B5+RD has been provided with five galvanically separated transparent channels. No less than 31 devices can be connected to each channel, bridging a 1,200 metre distance. Each channel comes with dropout protection to ensure the rest of the PROFIBUS network remains flawless. As a result, a reliable PROFIBUS network is born!

PROCENTEC is knowledge partner in the field of PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology and develops products aimed at optimising end users’ production processes. Through a worldwide network of local offices and distributors, we supply the key components required for the installation of a measurable and manageable network. Our innovative, tailor-made solutions allow our clients to operate successfully in the field of industrial automation and maximise their process returns. In addition, PROCENTEC is the internationally accredited Competence and Training Centre for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. We organise trainings that help employees to optimally deploy these technical systems for their operational objectives. In addition, we offer end users the necessary support during implementation procedures, certification processes, audits and technical faults. With over 20 years of experience with PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology, our certified professionals are always standing by to confer with you on the optimum solution for your requirements.


PROCENTEC to launch the PROFIBUS hub with a diagnostic function
PROCENTEC to launch the PROFIBUS hub with a diagnostic function