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PROCENTEC introduces the ProfiSwitch X5

04 December 2014

The ProfiSwitch X5 is the first ProfiHub to include the ability to run multiple baud rates within the same network, by 1 Controller. This transparent hub modernizes any PROFIBUS installation, by allowing channel baud rate customization within one network, with the ease of adjusting a rotary switch.

The ProfiSwitch X5 stands alone against all existing repeaters and hubs in the PROFIBUS market. It eliminates traditional PROFIBUS network baud rate constraints associated with spur lines, additional resistance, single master systems, poor cable segments and cable length limitations. Design limitations associated with legacy systems or new build systems are eliminated, creating the capability for unprecedented customizable network designs.

One main PLC can now act as a workhorse with the ability to extend the network further, spur line hot swap, reduction of repeater installation, all without limiting speed performance. The advanced technology of the ProfiSwitch X5 converts the main channel to other transmission speeds and acts as a transparent proxy without disturbing the host system (comparable with PA links). With limitless applications, the ProfiSwitch X5 will become your go to device for creating networks without traditional limitations.

More information: www.procentec.com/profiswitch

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PROCENTEC introduces the ProfiSwitch X5
PROCENTEC introduces the ProfiSwitch X5