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First PROCENTEC PROFINET Troubleshooting & Maintenance training

11 April 2014

In July, PROCENTEC, specialist in PROFIBUS and PROFINET, is offering the first PROFINET Troubleshooting & Maintenance training course in Atlanta and Detroit. In conjunction with Grid Connect, during the two-day course PROCENTEC will train technicians to become skilled PROFINET Troubleshooting & Maintenance professionals. Through this course PROCENTEC offers companies the chance to provide its technical staff with further training.

Nowadays increasing numbers of technicians use PROFINET technology. That is because the potential of Industrial Ethernet is huge. Such as the hidden strength to gather diagnostic information from installations and networks. Unfortunately, Industrial Ethernet is a complex technology because of the numerous abbreviations and difficult IT terms. Because of that, the maintenance of a PROFINET installation is a time-consuming task which can lead to unacceptable downtime. Training is essential to ensure optimum use of all of the benefits offered by PROFINET. The result being: higher uptime and optimisation of the entire production process.

Why participate?
The two-day PROFINET Troubleshooting & Maintenance course fully addresses the needs of installers and maintenance technicians who work with PROFINET technology. This course provides a complete knowledge package that focuses fully on actual practice, to master the missing links of modern Ethernet networks by following a simple methodology. During this course, using the required tools, technicians will learn to analyse and resolve a complex PROFINET fault. This is linked with theory about network components, cabling, shielding and grounding. With the help of practical exercises on real networks, participants will be able to immediately put theory into practice. At the end of the course, the participants are able to independently maintain and solve problems in PROFINET networks.

Details and registration
The first session will take place on July 7 – 8 in Detroit and the second session on july 9 – 10 in Atlanta. Participants can register on the Grid Connect website: www.gridconnect.com. The price of this training course is $ 1,300.00.
For more information about the Troubleshooting & Maintenance course, please contact Oscar Abbenhuis (Head of Training).

PROCENTEC is an independent company, concentrating all its products and services on PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology. Our main business is the development of automation products which are exported through our worldwide distributor network. PROCENTEC is also providing vendor independent training and support to end-users. The technology and solutions that we offer enable our customers to successfully participate in the world of industrial automation. We take pride in possessing in-depth knowledge of fieldbus requirements in factory and process automation and the expertise to create innovative solutions for these areas.

First PROCENTEC PROFINET Troubleshooting & Maintenance training
First PROCENTEC PROFINET Troubleshooting & Maintenance training