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Stay up to date on the latest developments in industrial automation. We publish not only articles about PROCENTEC products but also share information about PROFIBUS, PROFINET and give our thoughts on industry specific topics.

Why is the cloud still so foggy?

14 January 2016

In my opinion, ‘in the cloud’ means ‘a computer server’ in ‘some’ data center ‘somewhere’ on the planet offering ‘some kind’ of service that ‘someone’ or ‘something’ can connect to. This definition is a bit vague, but ironically also accurate. Nowadays, the...

PROCENTEC wishes you ...

18 December 2015

The fieldbus as an asset - expertblog

01 December 2015

It's half past three in the morning, you are ready to take the car to go to southern France for a leisurely three weeks of summer holidays on the Mediterranean. You have been looking forward to it for days, no weeks. You are well prepared for the journey;...

The fieldbus as an asset - expertblog part 2

01 December 2015

How healthy is the fieldbus? In the industry, the fieldbus is often taken for granted, just as you take the highway for granted. The health of the fieldbus is often not visualized in the Plant Asset Management (PAM) system. However, if it gets worse over time,...

Who cares about water?

06 March 2015

Aging water systems around the world create technical challenges to keep waste water systems operating at a peak, to support a growing urban population.

Rijnland District Water Control Board runs the plant with ComBricks

04 March 2015

For the Rijnland District Water Control Board it is all about keeping dry feet and having clean water. In the waste water purification plants, all thirty and more, Rijnland purifies waste water so that it can be discharged back into nature in a responsible...

Hi-PRO Tech accredited as GOLD Distributor

17 December 2014

Hi-PRO Tech (Korea) has been officially accredited as PROCENTEC GOLD Distributor.

PROFIBUS Training Device

20 October 2014

The SIO4DP is the first dedicated PROFIBUS training device and ideal for educational and testing environments. It allows engineers to practice so they can act appropriately when faults occur.

POSCO Steel Korea uses the ProfiHub B5

08 September 2014

POSCO, one of the largest steel producers in the world has placed 200 ProfiHubs B5 in twenty PROFIBUS DP networks.

New Canadian Distributor

09 July 2014

PROCENTEC welcomes Streamline Process Management as a new distributor for Canada.