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Stay up to date on the latest developments in industrial automation. We publish not only articles about PROCENTEC products but also share information about PROFIBUS, PROFINET and give our thoughts on industry specific topics.

What can I do with ProfiTrace 2?

18 May 2016

An analyser is an essential tool for fault-finding, monitoring and health-checking networks. It allows you to see the actual telegrams transmitted from device to device. Analysers for PROFIBUS are available from several manufacturers. However they vary enormously...

How to extend the life of your PROFIBUS installation with a few easy tips

12 May 2016

During the last few years, industrial communication systems based on Ethernet (PROFINET mainly) have spread immensely. Transitions toward innovative technologies require huge investments: purchase of new field devices, new cabling and more performant processors....

Top 5 of basic PROFINET tips

19 April 2016

‘Oy mateys and scallywags! Remember to keep to the Code? Or do you agree with “the Code is more of what you’d call guidelines than actual rules”? In Pirates of the Caribbean we either identify with Captain Jack Sparrow honoring the Pirate’s Code, or Captain...

The NET-Wars (Fieldbus wars reloaded)

29 March 2016

About 10 years ago it seemed a done deal, the ‘fieldbus wars’ were pretty much battled out and some clear winners came on top.

Network audit on one of the longest networks in the Netherlands

25 March 2016

A tunnel is actually a large cabinet you build around an installation. That is certainly true of the extension of the A4 motorway between Delft and Schiedam; the route has been there for years and the tunnel was built over it.

PROCENTEC’s backbone solutions

25 March 2016

At PROCENTEC we develop and produce network components to build comprehensive, reliable and analysable networks with.

PROCENTEC products UL-certified

19 January 2016

Why is UL certification important? There are specific standards and requirements for exporting products to the United States and Canada. The standards for the safety of electronic products and also the rules on testing and certification of products, deviate...

Why is the cloud still so foggy?

14 January 2016

In my opinion, ‘in the cloud’ means ‘a computer server’ in ‘some’ data center ‘somewhere’ on the planet offering ‘some kind’ of service that ‘someone’ or ‘something’ can connect to. This definition is a bit vague, but ironically also accurate. Nowadays, the...

PROCENTEC wishes you ...

18 December 2015

The fieldbus as an asset - expertblog

01 December 2015

It's half past three in the morning, you are ready to take the car to go to southern France for a leisurely three weeks of summer holidays on the Mediterranean. You have been looking forward to it for days, no weeks. You are well prepared for the journey;...