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The CE Design Award

23 March 2017

CE Design Award

DARE!! tests and examines hundreds of products each year. Not all designs come out of the testing unscathed. However, we also see designs that distinguish themselves in terms of EMC and/or safety design. Each quarter, DARE!! presents the CE Design Award for an outstanding design. In addition to the lovely award, the winner is presented a delicious cake, and we will also pay for the next measurement or the next examination. This quarter, the winner is... PROCENTEC in Wateringen.

The company: "PROCENTEC"  

DARE Award uitreiking 2017

For twenty years, PROCENTEC has been the partner for digital data communication solutions in the field of industrial automation. They develop the products that are required to set up a measurable and controllable network. As part of this, innovation and the needs of the client have a high priority. That is why their specialists are always ready to support end users during implementation procedures, certification processes and malfunctions. Along with troubleshooting and maintenance, they also offer training for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. PROCENTEC is an internationally recognised Competence Centre and has extensive knowledge of fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet protocols in factory and process automation. 

The product: "Atlas"  

Atlas is the vision of PROCENTEC in the area of diagnostics for Industrial Ethernet. We are becoming increasingly connected by the Internet of Things (IoT), which uses Ethernet as its foundation. A shift is currently occurring within industrial automation; moving from the traditional fieldbus systems to Industrial Ethernet. To map out the complexity of Industrial Ethernet networks, at the Hannover Messe PROCENTEC will release: Atlas. 


Atlas ensures the network is transparent and offers a high degree of userfriendliness by means of an intuitive web interface. Network diagnosis avoids costly downtime in systems and therefore always leads to a higher return on the investment with a well-thought-out strategy for diagnosis.

Because Atlas will be installed in industrial environments, it is important that it satisfy the European guidelines for EMC.

When carrying out an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test, the electronics of the product to be tested will be tested in various ways. The first thing that is looked at is how much electromagnetic radiation the product gives off, also known as: emission. This emission can be emitted both through the air and by means of connected cables. Secondly, it is examined whether the product is also resistant to external electromagnetic radiation: immunity. In case of immunity, external radiation is looked at that can influence the product both through the air and through the cable. In addition to these emission and immunity tests, tests will also be carried out to see whether the product is resistant to: Electrostatic discharges (ESD), electrical pulses (EFT) and Surge (simulated lightning strike). 

At Atlas, any problems that might occur are taken into account at an early phase in the EMC testing. For example, when preparing diagrams of the various parts, the corresponding datasheets are carefully inspected. Next, an additional filter is added to the diagrams in the sub-diagrams. These locations for extra filtering were selected because they are located relatively far from the power source or because these parts particularly could create problems for EMC. 

An EMC-critical part that is used at Atlas is a switch-mode power supply. By switching at a high frequency, a highly efficient power supply can be created. However, a disadvantage of this frequency is that emission is introduced. To limit this emission, we looked at this extra critically.  

EMC testing

The EMC measurements are carried out according to the CB Scheme. The CB Scheme is an international programme designed by the International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment (IECEE) to enable the global acceptance of EMC and product safety testing among laboratories and certification institutes.  


The IEC CB Scheme is a multilateral agreement that enables the international certification of electronic products so that a single certification ensures market access worldwide. More information about CB Scheme can be found at: http://www.dare.nl/cb-scheme.

The above diagram shows the radiated emission measurement above 1 GHz in the anechoic chamber. The ATLAS came through these and other EMC measurements without problems; a wonderful result and the reason that the ATLAS was chosen by the team of engineers of DARE!! Measurements as the winner of the CE design award for this quarter!  

PROCENTEC's reaction:

“A huge surprise and of course really cool that we've won the CE Design Award. Proud of our development team that worked so hard on this!” – Oscar Abbenhuis, Product Manager.  

DARE Award 2017


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