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Informative and successful ProfiDay for PROCENTEC in Italy

22 November 2017

On November 15, PROCENTEC attended the last PROFIBUS & PROFINET Day Italia of 2017 in San Marino. PROFIBUS and PROFINET experts were present to showcase their products and visitors were able to explore the latest industry trends and technological developments.

80 people registered for the event, but due to bad weather only 50% showed up. Even though attendance was not as good as expected, PROCENTEC still had a good flow at its own table top. At this table top, the PROCENTEC experts were able to showcase our innovative solutions for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and Industrial Ethernet.

Even though the topic of the event was about the future and Industry 4.0, PROCENTEC experts noticed a lot of interest for the ProfiTrace. By attending this event, PROCENTEC was able to strengthen relationships with customers from the paper and steel industry. Additionally, the PROCENTEC experts also had interesting conversations with other partners, such as GE, Hilscher, Auma, HMS and Siemens, about the trends of the Industrial Automation and how the consortium should react and evolve.

The day started with a general presentation about industrial automation trends regarding Industry 4.0, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and I/O Link with a comparison of all different Ethernet-based buses. Then, after lunch, workshops could be attended around the topics of diagnostics and troubleshooting, safety and security and how to implement a PROFINET network.