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Top 5 of basic PROFINET tips

19 April 2016

‘Oy mateys and scallywags! Remember to keep to the Code? Or do you agree with “the Code is more of what you’d call guidelines than actual rules”? In Pirates of the Caribbean we either identify with Captain Jack Sparrow honoring the Pirate’s Code, or Captain Barbossa reading between the lines.

We as engineers keep to a Code too, although we call them the PI-Guidelines. Every once in a while though, we slip up and forget to strictly keep to the Code. However, the PI-Guidelines are not so open to interpretation as one would think.
To refresh your memory a bit, our support engineer Lorenzo Fattori gives you a top 5 of basic PROFINET tips on cabling, connectors, grounding, topology and labels.




Power and drive cables too close to the signal cable can cause EMC disturbance which may affect PROFINET communications. 





Connectors are a strategic part of networking; bad connectors may cause problems in communications. 


* Use certified connectors! Standard RJ45s are not suitable for industrial environments.


* Follow instructions for assembly and use the correct PROFINET strip tools. 





Good grounding is necessary for avoiding communications interference on cables and devices. Cables and cable trays must be grounded in all major points possible. 






Consider the best topology during the design of the line. Sometimes line topology can create communication problems due to network load 


* Remember that in case of line topology you will lose all devices if one of them stops working or when other communication problems arise. 
* Use managed switches. The use of managed switches is helpful for getting information about the status of the network and can help us setting up a mirror port for diagnosis and troubleshooting.




Cables must be labelled, and labels must be according to schematics and easy to understand to identify and localize cables.  


* Provide complete and updated schematics. Often times schematics are not kept up to date when adjustments have been made in the field. 


* PROFINET names, IP addresses and subnets must be chosen correctly and included in documentation and schematics. In the end…


So Captain Barbossa, this little fresh-up on PI-guidelines might have left you wanting. For a complete PI submersion, follow a training course at our PI Competence Center with your fellow scallywags and deck scrubbers. 


Worried about possible disturbances in your network or interested in a complete checkup, contact our specialized crew for an audit! Who knows where your PROFINET ship might lead you next?


Ps. If you have specific questions about this article or concerning PROFINET, please e-mail your questions to: support@procentec.com.




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