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PROFIBUS Australia: Innovation Summit Recap

23 June 2016

Paulo Silva (CTO) and I, Matthew Dulcey, attended and presented at PROFIBUS Australia's Innovation Summit in Sydney, Australia. Our presentations focused on what proper automation solutions mean in terms of financial and operational returns to industry professionals. Understanding the true return of an investment, can be a very powerful concept allowing Engineers and Maintenance professionals a better understanding of the needs and goals of management. With this understanding, all parties can benefit from making more informed decisions.

Carl Henning of PI North America references our presentations in the following paragraph:

Matthew Dulcey
Matthew Dulcey

“Mathew Dulcey and Paolo Silva from PROCENTEC covered diagnostics and network maintenance strategies, while the audience gained insight into how Industry 4.0 will impact on manufacturing worldwide, thanks to Karsten Schneider, PI Chairman and Martin Mueller, Global VP of Automation at Phoenix Contact, who spoke about how his company is integrating the technology into its production, and the results of that integration.”



Rafael Koenig
Rafael Koenig

The event was hosted by PROFIBUS Australia, with President Rafael Koenig acting as our guide (with Andrew Dummett strongly supporting) through the whole week. He provides a short overview and thanks for the event (Rafael Koenig Letter) in the same PROFINEWS issue. PROFIBUS Australia has an intelligent and developed network of professionals seeking to educate and support the local market. This became very apparent immediately and was impressive to see in action.

As for the event itself, Paulo and I mingled with existing and potentially new partners during the event. We were excited to see the market challenges of automation professionals in the Australian market.

Some of those challenges are:

  1. Remote locations and expansive distances
  2. Difficult infrastructure or no existent infrastructure
  3. Need to empower professionals with knowledge and easy to use solutions

Each of these challenges can be overcome with technology. Innovative companies such as Fortescue Metals are embracing cutting edge solutions . At the event Andrew Brown of Fortescue Metals discussed what is the innovative solutions driving the improvement to their operation and lives of employees. Automation such as self driving trucks lead to central command centers 10's of kilometers from the actual production. Employees are locally sourced and trained in a knowledge transferable for the next iteration of automation "Industry 4.0". This makes the operation sustainable at cost levels below what other competitors strive for, allowing for more people to keep their employment and compete on the world stage.

Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva

Overall the impression was that innovation can be a combination of existing technologies. This concept included with a desire to maintain a changing business model, allows for sustainable operations supporting all stakeholders. Often innovation is confused with a completely new industry or technology, while overlooking what can be done with existing market ready solutions. Those companies who seek solutions with today's technologies will be ready for tomorrow. Those companies who wait for the "perfect solution" will be left standing with yesterday's noncompetitive businesses.

Matthew Dulcey, Global Sales Manager

Emerging Monitoring and Maintenance Strategies