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PROCENTEC’s backbone solutions

25 March 2016

At PROCENTEC we develop and produce network components to build comprehensive, reliable and analysable networks with.

As a senior sales engineer, I'm often present at trade fairs and I have many conversations with prospects and customers. Using the trade fair board below, I would like to briefly take you through our product portfolio. There are a vast number of options with the PROCENTEC products and I will discuss a few of the possibilities in this blog. If you would like tailor-made advice, do please mail your question to me.

ComBricks as starting point

Innovative Backbone Solutions
Innovative Backbone Solutions

Imagine the following: your application has a control cabinet which contains your controller. This is the starting point for building your entire network. This cabinet happens to be an excellent location for a ComBricks system, because with ComBricks you extract the diagnostic information from your network and there is often an Ethernet connection for the controller in the cabinet. Starting with this initial ComBricks you then build your network further. You can see this illustrated in the middle of the board.

ProfiHub solutions

In the field itself you often have no Ethernet at your disposal and the PROCENTEC ProfiHub family provides you with several repeater solutions for this situation, ranging from a single channel repeater, multiple-channel Fiber Optic repeaters and repeaters with integrated diagnostics, up to repeaters you can even use to create different baud rates in your network.
You can see a number of these products on the board to the left of and under the first ComBricks system. The first repeater on the left is the B5+R, the latest version of the already 10-year-old ProfiHub B5, a repeater with 5 outgoing segments combined in a single housing. The B5+R also gives you the possibility for creating cable redundancy (such as the cable redundancy between ComBricks and this B5+R on the image). You can opt to equip the B5+R with a Diagnostic slave, so that data communication malfunctions can be transmitted to your master system as well by means of cyclic data exchange, without requiring Ethernet cabling.

Underneath the B5+R you see a revolutionary new product from PROCENTEC: the ProfiSwitch X5. This product is unique. As the user you determine which baud rate you utilize on which segment. The backbone connection runs (naturally) at the speed of the Controller, but for all the outgoing segments you decide the bus speed at which the segment in question functions. This is something that was previously not possible and was actually considered to be impossible in a PROFIBUS network.

Extending without segmenting

Do you need to extend the cables further without additional segmentation? The solution is to use a single-channel repeater in the IP 20 or IP 66 version. On the board you can see the D1 repeater in the IP 66 version, equipped with M12 connectors, which make it dustproof and waterproof as well.
Finally, I always advise my customers to include active terminating resistors in their network instead of employing the integrated terminating resistors of the devices themselves. This is because when a device is disconnected from the power supply or is taken out of the network, for instance for maintenance or replacement, the terminating resistance disappears immediately from the network which could lead to very unusual malfunctions.

PROFIBUS over Fiber Optic

On the right-hand side of the board are a few PROCENTEC solutions for PROFIBUS over Fiber Optic. With ComBricks we provide Ring Redundancy solutions, but ComBricks can also be combined well with ProfiHubs with Fiber Optic connections. That makes it possible to install PROFIBUS over longer distances or through EMC-sensitive areas. The ProfiHubs subsequently provide either 2 or 4 segments on copper, which in turn provides different possibilities for assembly and topology.
If you require cable redundancy after the Fiber Optic line, you can combine the B2FO2 with the B2+R.

Exchange between media

Within the ComBricks line, PROCENTEC also offers several possibilities for exchanging between media. On the board you can see an example of this with the ComBricks PROFIBUS DP to PROFIBUS PA link/coupler module. This module provides you with a transparent conversion from DP to PA with a number of advantages, such as improved cycle time and directly integrated diagnostics on data communication and on the physical layer. As a result, problems such as EMC, a cable break and short circuits are detected immediately, so that stoppages can be prevented or at any rate kept to a minimum.
The latter situation is not only applicable to the ComBricks PA module, but to the entire ComBricks line. Essentially, we want to prevent downtime as much as possible with all our products and to configure the networks of our customers, so that you can rely on a stable network now and in the future.

Marco Bekker
Marco Bekker

I hope that your interest in our products has been aroused. If you would like to know more or make an appointment, please feel free to contact me via info@procentec.com or pay me a visit at the Hannover Messe on the PI stand, Hall 9 Stand D68.

Marco Bekker, PROCENTEC sales engineer