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PROCENTEC products UL-certified

19 January 2016

Why is UL certification important? There are specific standards and requirements for exporting products to the United States and Canada. The standards for the safety of electronic products and also the rules on testing and certification of products, deviate significantly from the European rules. The American standards are known for the specific requirements for the fire safety of materials.

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, this is a globally recognized and independent security consulting and certification company that certifies products according to the regulations of the United States and Canada. The products baring the UL-certificate are checked four times a year to certify correct use of materials and components.

PROCENTEC products UL-certified

The following PROCENTEC products have undergone and successfully passed the UL-test procedure. The products have received the UL certificate for both Canada and the US. Of course we are very proud of that!







Combricks Backplanes