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ComBricks testing document for ABB systems

13 October 2016

Recently, we have released our ABB testing document for using ComBricks - both DP and PA cards - with ABB systems. This document demonstrates that PROCENTEC products work well in a network where ABB systems are being used. ComBricks offer integrated diagnostic functionalities, thus allowing 24/7 monitoring of a network via standard Ethernet connection to the Head Station.

The document is evidence of testing ComBricks DP and PA solutions in an ABB system, and presents a straightforward overview of how to implement ComBricks.

ComBricks provide notifications of potential or immediate failure of a PA or DP network. Diagnostic information can easily be accessed by the end user via the web interface. This can also be done via remote viewing.

This document is another testament to the ease-of-use and flexibility of PROCENTEC technology.

Download the ABB testing document